Thiago Pach 2011

Thiago Pach is a singer, songwriter, stage director and performer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Influenced by the musical diversity of his family, he moves freely across music genres, such as samba, Latin music, Jazz and pop.
At 13 he started to take drama and singing lessons. He graduated from Tablado Drama School subsequently working in more than 10 musical shows as well as plays. Photos

Reflecting on the need to express his perception on Brazilian popular music and its influences he began his career as a Composer and Singer finding his own sound inspired by the entities that helped build the history of Brazilian popular music such as Cartola, Baden Powell and Elza Soares.

In 2013 he performed at the Festival d'Avignon in France (one of Europe's largest art festivals). His work was very well received by critics, garnering reviews from renowned French newspapers such as La Provence and La Marseillaise.

With a modern and universal look, Thiago Pach released last March 2nd his debut album titled Canto de Aruanda available on all digital platforms.
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Né à Rio de Janeiro, Thiago Pach est chanteur, compositeur, interprète et metteur en scène. Il surfe librement entre le jazz, la samba, les rythmes latinos et la musique pop. Revisitant d’une voix chaude et versatile les classiques de la musique populaire brésilienne, un univers musical ardent et sensuel, qui fait la part belle au métissage culturel, il s’offre également des incursions dans le jazz, en donnant des couleurs rythmiques inédites à des standards des années 40 et 50. Flamboyance des percussions, sophistication des harmonies et vitalité de l’interprétation, il sort son premier album solo, intitulé Canto de Aruanda.